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Winter Awards Series & Side Pot
Barrels & Pole Bending!

Over $40,000 in awards in last year's series.  $600 Progressive Money Added

Stewart's Indoor Arena 11109 Vail Rd SE, Yelm, WA

 Winter awards series runs from October to April.  Low stress, friendly environment with affordable entry fees to keep you and your horse active through the colder months.   

The MRBRA Winter series runs barrels and pole bending at each race. Riders have the option to run for Awards and/ or race payouts in the progressive side pot.  Side pot races are co-sanctioned with NWBHA and BRN4D.  

 Awards Race:  This is a race for points that are calculated for year-end awards.  5 divisions for riders to choose from for year-end awards; Open, Youth, Senior, Novice or Pee Wee.  Cross Entry allowed in Open, Youth, and Senior!  Riders need to attend at least 6 races to qualify for awards.  Curious which division is right for you? 

  • Open -  open to any competitors

  • Youth Divison - 17 years of age and under as of January 1 2024

  • Senior  Divison - 45 years of age and over as of the show date

  • Novice Division - Horse/ Rider combinations that have won less than $500 and/ or consistently run 2.5 seconds slower than the leading times. 

Pee Wee Awards Only Divison -10 and under as of January 1, 2024

Side Pot Race:  Want to run for day money?  Looking to add a little more competition to your race? Roll your time from your Open/ Youth/ Senior awards class, or just enter the side pot class, and take your chances at the 80% Payback plus Progressive $300 Money Added open side pot class.  If you are in the Youth or Senior division you can roll your time from the Open Side pot to the 80% Payback Youth or Senior Side Pot class!  

Riders run only 1 time in each event (Barrels or Poles) at each race.   If you enter the Open Awards Class and the Open Side Pot class in barrels, you will run 1 time and your time will be used in calculating the results in both classes.  For Example: On November 4th Tom Enters Open Barrels in Awards and Side pot, plus he enters the Senior Division for Awards Barrels and Side pot.  Tom is paying to be included in the results in 4 classes.  Tom will run 1 time, and his time from that one run will be used in the results for all 4 classes!  This is what is meant by 'Rolling' your time or a 'Roll only' Class.  

Race Day Schedule:

7:30 Office Opens & Time Only Barrels

9:20(ish) Open Arena &Arena Set up

9:20 Pee Wee AM Barrels

9:30 Barrels AM Set - Open, Youth, Senior, and Novice all run in the same draw

11:30(ish) - Time Only Barrels

12:20(ish) - Open Arena & Arens Set Up

1:00- Barrel PM Set

Pee Wee Barrels (Yes, in the PM set Pee's run after the open)

Pee Wee Poles

Open Poles

You can enter the race right thru race day!  Pre Entries are from SAturday thru Thursday at noon before the race.  Late Entries can be done online until Saturday night before the race. After that, enter in the office at the race!  We changed the schedule a bit for our afternoon Pee Wee Riders.  In the PM set, Pee Wee riders will run at the end of Barrels and they will start our Poles. This way our littles can avoid a long wait, which is great for those who don't have parents who run as well.  

We run about 50 to 55 barrel racers per hour!  If you are wondering what time you will run, do the math.  If we start open barrels at 1, and we have 75 riders in the PM set, then we should be done with Barrels around 2:30.  In the past, we have typically started Pole Bending before 3 p.m.  


Don't worry about food on race day!  We've got you covered with Hoby Boby starting with their breakfast menu then shifting to lunch menu, and Bean Water Coffee Truck serving all day.  Don't Worry, Buckin' Beans will be back with us too! 


Bean Water

Bigfoot BBQ

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