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Next Race Info:

04/07/24  -

Barrel Draw

Pole Draw

PeeWee Draw

Corrections or late entries will be posted on race day on the Live Race Update page.

Race Start Time 9:30


Race Entry Forms-  

Race Day Schedule:

7:30 Office Opens & Time Only Barrels

8:50 (ish) Open Arena &Arena Set up

9:20 Pee Wee AM Barrels

9:30 Barrels AM Set - Open, Youth, Senior, and Novice all run in the same draw

11:30(ish) - Time Only Barrels (If Time Allows!)

12:30(ish) - Open Arena & Arens Set Up

1:00- Barrel PM Set

Pee Wee Barrels (Yes, in the PM set Pee's run after the open)

Pee Wee Poles

Open Poles

This year we changed the schedule a bit for our afternoon Pee Wee Riders.  In the PM set, Pee Wee riders will run at the end of Barrels and they will start our Poles. This way our littles can avoid a long wait, which is great for those who don't have parents who run as well.  

We run about 50 to 55 barrel racers per hour!  If you are wondering what time you will run, do the math.  If we start open barrels at 1, and we have 100 riders in the PM set, then we should be done with Barrels around 2:30.  In the past, we have typically started Pole Bending before 3 p.m.  

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