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Frequently Asked Questions

What Would You Like to Know?

Do you have a question regarding Mt. Rainier Barrel Racing Association? Here are some frequently asked questions we’ve already answered. We’ve strived to include as much information as possible throughout the site, but if you have any additional inquiries, we’d be happy to help out. Feel free to call us or send us an email with your requests.

Do I have to be a member to run in the winter series?

Yes, all riders in our winter series need a current membership with our association.   Membership is very reasonably priced!  Either $20 individual membership, which will cover all of the races in the series, or $10 for those that just want to run for one day only.  

I missed the Wednesday Night Race Deadline.  Can I still run? 

Yes, it's not too late to join us at the Sunday race.  Late entries are accepted right up thru the race.  Either fill out the late entry form online or sign up in the office at the race.   

How many races do I have to run to qualify for awards? 

You just need to run in 6 races in order to qualify for awards!  

What happens if I lose my awards horse during the awards series?

Don't worry, you aren't out of luck if something happens with your horse during the series.  You have the option to make a one-time horse change if something happens and your horse can no longer run in the series.  Contact us to find out more! 

Do I run twice if I want to enter the Open and Sidepot? 

No, you will only run once at the race.  If you run in the Open, and enter the sidepot, your time will roll from the Open race into the Sidepot.

What can I do if my time slot or draw request didn't happen?

Don't worry!  Most time slot requests, or draw requests, errors are either on a mistake or have a very good reason!  Just contact us so we cna try and fix the mistake or help you with the reason why it happened.  

Can I still enter the race if I can't run in the awards series?

Yes, you can still run with us!  You can become a member for the day only and just run in the sidepot (to run for the jackpot and added money) or just run in the open (if you need to run for experience and not for money). 

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