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MRBRA is a family-friendly, low stress winter race series.  Great awards where the winners pick the prized best suited for them in Barrels & Poles! 

Winners choose their awards from a catalog!

Congratulation 2023/2024 Awards Winners!  Over $43,000 in awards prizes to over 50% of qualified riders! 

See awards order updates below.

2023/ 24 Awards

May 21, 2024 Awards Order Update:

*King Feed, Faithful Cowgirl, Tack Room Too, Premium Hay, MRBRA & PBHA Gift Cards are available from the business.  Tesky Gift Cards will be sent electronically!  Tesky's has to confirm the entire order before they send us the gift card numbers. I will update when I have sent them to the winners!

*Team Equine Pad orders have been sent to winners for verification. Once confirmed, they will be in between 8 to 10 weeks.

*Belt buckle orders are in and waiting on design review for final approval.  They are on an 8 week turnaround once finalized, so plan for the 3rd week of July. 

* All other customer orders are on a 10 week turnaround!  If we receive any other updates on the orders, we will update asap!  

Our awards class at each race is a race for points that are calculated for year-end awards.  5 divisions for riders to choose from for year-end awards; Open, Youth, Senior, Novice or Pee Wee.  Cross Entry allowed in Open, Youth, and Senior!  Riders need to attend at least 6 races to qualify for awards.  Curious which division is right for you? 

  • Open -  open to any competitors in Barrels or Poles.

  • Youth Divison - 17 years of age and under as of January 1 2024

  • Senior  Divison - 45 years of age and over as of the show date

  • Novice Division* - Horse/ rider combination that has won less than $500 and/ or consistently run 2.5 seconds slower than the leading times (6D or slower). 

Pee Wee Awards Only Divison -10 and under as of January 1, 2024

Wondering what kind of awards you are running for?  We are already building the list of custom awards for the 2023/24 Awards series!  We like to give riders options for what awards they would like the most!  Along with all the great Gift Card Options, we will have several custom tack options like Team Equine Custom Pads, Trophy Saddle Certificates, Custom Belt Buckles, and more!  We plan to post our awards options in January so you can start thinking about your choices early!  Pee Wee Awards will be handed out at the final race.  If pee wee's can't make the last race, you can make other arrangements for pick up.  All others will depend on your award choices. 

To be eligible for year-end awards you need to pay the one-time awards fee for each division you wish to compete.  Then you need to ride a minimum of 6 races in that division.  For example (s):  If Jane wants to compete for awards in Open division only, Jane must fill out the Membership and Awards form and elect to enter into Open  Awards ($35 one-time fee).  Then Jane must enter at least 6 races where she competes in Open Awards Barrel Race.   Her points will then be used in the Open Awards Tracking for year end awards.  What if Sally wants to compete for awards in Novice and Senior?  Sally first must fill out the Membership and Awards form and elect to enter into Novice and Senior Awards ($50 one-time fee).  Then Sally must enter at least 6 races where she competes in Senior Awards Barrel Race and Novice Awards Barrel race.    Sally's points will then be used in the Novice Awards & Senior Awards Tracking for year end awards.

Saddles?? Everyone gets very excited about the awesome Saddle certificates!  We changed things up this year for saddle certificates so riders choose certificates from different saddle makers!   We have always worked with Corriente Saddle Maker out of Texas.  They make high-quality, versatile saddles and great prices. The leather is high quality and withstands a lot!  Our winners have designed amazing saddles for $1000 and less!  However, for those who want to go with a different saddle maker (maybe Corriente's don't fit your horse or you), we will have other saddle certificate options.   Saddles are awarded to 1st place in 5D Open Barrels and 4D Open Poles.  If we get enough participation in the other new divisions, Saddles just might happen there too!! 

Pee Wee, Open, Youth, Senior & Novice  Barrels Divisions & Open Poles

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