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Barrel Race and Pole Bending events in the great Northwest.  Winter Saddle Awards Series & Sidepot run October thru April!  Races run year-round at Stweart's Arena in Yelm.   Summer Wednesday Night Jackpot races run between June and August. 

Thank you everyone for another great race!  Another $11,000 in payouts are being finalized!  Results are posted and Jesse is hard at work posting photos for everyone to enjoy! Entries are open for the July 24th race!   

Don't forget to watch for real-time updates of the race action on our Live Race Updates page.  Times are uploaded in real time, allowing us to track results quickly, you can verify your time is accurate, plus see where you are in each division of each race.  

7/12/24 Pictures READY!

Donations: Venmo jessemaier1988, or message Jesse Maier for options
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Download freely and enjoy
Please reach out with any questions and message me

Christmas Tree Race Anyone?

Let's have some extra fun at Christmas!  Last year several members asked us to put on a Christmas Tree benefit race... so lets make some plans!  Send us your ideas!  Would you run in a jackpot race with Christmas Trees/  Who can we help support this year with a benefit race!


Race Location: 11109 Vail Rd SE, Yelm, WA 98597

Mailing Address:  20612 Orville Road East, Orting, WA 98360

(253) 375-3377

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